The Conference took place in the City of London on June 26th, 2015.

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A new not for profit organization dedicated to promoting the Inclusive Capitalism movement.

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Enabling more long-term investment is the single action that would make the biggest difference in achieving a more inclusive capitalism
Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Co
Good business is good for business. It results in the right relationship between business and society
Simon Collins, UK Chairman and Senior Partner, KPMG LLP
The main barrier to a capitalism that people can believe in is the fact that individuals perceive themselves to be powerless within the system
Thomas Kabisch, Chief Executive Officer, MEAG
As a global insurer and investor, we believe protecting people over the long term and creating stronger and more sustainable societies is in line with our interests
Andrea Rossi, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Investment Management
There can be no more urgent objective than making capitalism more inclusive. We need a society that takes into account the social and environmental dimensions of business, because business cannot function without the preservation of either
Paul Druckman, Chief Executive Officer, International Integrated Reporting Council
Financial inclusion is one action that can move a population out of poverty while driving economic growth that’s more inclusive, sustainable and fair
Ann Cairns, President, International Markets MasterCard

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