Capitalism made
equitable, sustainable,
and inclusive.

Inclusive Capitalism is a global movement to engage leaders across business, government, and civil sectors and encourage them to practice and invest in ways that extend the opportunities and benefits of our economic system to everyone.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism engages leaders across business, government, and civil society in their efforts to make capitalism more dynamic, sustainable, and inclusive.

Businesses must work to restore trust from all members of society.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, there is a growing perception that capitalism as a system has failed to create broad-based prosperity. In the face of surging income inequality and growing uncertainty, the public’s eroding trust in business represents a systemic risk to our economic system.

We believe that firms should account for themselves not just the bottom line.

With properly structured incentives, meaningful stakeholder engagement, supportive governments, and effective business leadership firms can generate broad and sustainable prosperity in a manner that respects our communities and our environment for generations to come. Fundamentally, we believe that companies should play an active role in building a more Inclusive Capitalism, not at the expense of financial performance, but as a long-term driver of value creation.

How we do it

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    The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism

    EPIC is a market-led initiative with 30 organizations representing the entire investment value chain and almost $30 trillion in AUM. The goal of EPIC is to work to develop a standardized, material and comparable set of metrics for the measurement of activities that create long-term value and affect a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders.

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    Conference Schedule

    The Conference on Inclusive Capitalism is Friday, November 16th in Washington, D.C. See the full agenda.

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