Investing in Tomorrow

The Conference on Inclusive Capitalism

November 16th, 2018
Washington, D.C.
Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium


8:00 am

Registration & Buffet Breakfast

    9:00 am

    Welcome Remarks

    Lynn Forester de RothschildChief Executive, The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism
      9:05 am

      Opening keynote address: The stakes for Inclusive Capitalism

      Hon. John Kasich69th and current Governor of Ohio
        9:35 am

        A special message from the HRH, the Prince of Wales offering a challenge to the Conference on Inclusive Capitalism (video)

          9:40 am

          Creative disruption: Artificial intelligence and the future of capitalism

          The acceleration of AI into every aspect of work and life poses both exciting opportunities and urgent threats. Intelligent machines will spark new business models and drive global innovation.  What measures should business and policy leaders take to ensure that AI will lead to positive outcomes for humanity and more just, inclusive, and dynamic economies around the world?  Will there be an arms race between the United States, Europe and China in the development of AI?

          Kai-Fu LeeFounder and Chief Executive Officer, Sinovation Ventures
          Mustafa SuleymanCo-Founder and Head of Applied AI, Deepmind
          Moderator: Walter IsaacsonProfessor of History, Tulane University
            10:15 am

            Inclusive institutions: An American framework for Inclusive Capitalism

            As the challenges of deepening economic inequality and large-scale structural transformation are heightened by divisive politics in America, how can both parties inspire a new era of Inclusive Capitalism? What are lawmakers’ greatest challenges to achieving the goals of Inclusive Capitalism and what is the strategy for moving these issues forward? How have the midterm elections impacted the ability of lawmakers to work together towards a shared framework for Inclusive Capitalism?

            Hon. Robert PortmanUnited States Senator (R., Ohio)
            Hon. Mark WarnerUnited States Senator (D., Virginia)
            Moderator: Gillian TettU.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times
              10:55 am

              The evolving role of the SEC: Regulating the markets for long-term value creation

              Ten years after the financial crisis, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues its vital role of protecting investors, advancing efficient markets, and encouraging capital formation. How is the SEC strengthening its responsibility to these goals in light of increasing social, environmental, and demographic pressures?   What is the SEC’s role in driving value creation for the long-term? What changes are necessary to meet new demands?

              Jay ClaytonChairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
              Moderator: Lynn Forester de RothschildFounder, The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism; Chief Executive, E.L. Rothschild
                11:15 am

                Coffee break

                  11:35 am

                  EPIC: The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism

                  The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism (EPIC) is an 18-month commitment by more than 30 global business leaders representing nearly $30 trillion of assets under management to develop a standardized, material, and comparable set of metrics to measure Inclusive Capitalism, led by EY and the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism. This first public discussion of the EPIC work product examines how asset owners, asset managers, and asset creators can use EPIC metrics to both measure and report on activities that create long-term shareholder value and positively impact a broad range of stakeholders.

                  Introduction: Mark WeinbergerGlobal Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, EY
                  Marcie FrostChief Executive Officer, California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)
                  Alex GorskyChairman & Chief Executive Officer, Johnson & Johnson
                  Mary Callahan ErdoesChief Executive Officer, JP Morgan Asset & Wealth Management
                  George SerafeimProfessor, Harvard Business School
                  Moderator: Mark WeinbergerGlobal Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, EY
                    12:30 pm


                      1:30 pm

                      EPIC working sessions

                      EPIC CEOs host table discussions focused on EPIC value drivers. Through the lens of their individual organizations, participants design an action plan for improving and implementing EPIC metrics – and applying them across companies and industries. The working session groups will be organized around the unique challenges and opportunities of asset owners, asset managers and asset creators.

                        2:20 pm

                        Capital steps: How asset owners can advance Inclusive Capitalism

                        The Chief Investment Officer of the Government Public Investment Fund of Japan (GPIF), the world’s largest pension fund, shares his commitment to EPIC and other concrete actions that GPIF is taking to develop an inclusive and sustainable economy in Japan and around the world.

                        Hiro MizunoExecutive Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, Government Pension Investment Fund, Japan
                          2:35 pm

                          Ripple effects: How the investment industry can influence the future of business

                          Asset managers not only drive global markets, they have a unique ability to encourage companies to focus on generating long-term results. How are both index and active managers incorporating EPIC value areas into their investment strategies and their engagement with corporate management teams? How can they go further to advance long-term value creation and sustainability?

                          Ronald P. O’HanleyPresident & Chief Operating Officer, State Street Corporation
                          George H. WalkerChairman & Chief Executive Officer, Neuberger Berman
                          Moderator: Sarah WilliamsonChief Executive Officer, FCLTGlobal
                            3:15 pm

                            Fireside Chat: Secretary Wilbur Ross, Department of Commerce

                            A discussion of how current trade and other economic policies are creating a more inclusive and dynamic US economy.

                            Interviewed by Donald A. BaerChairman, Burson Cohn & Wolfe
                              3:45 pm

                              Beyond the C-suite: CEOs as community leaders and statespersons (in formation)

                              Increasingly, CEOs are stepping outside their comfort zones to engage with local communities and actively participate in public affairs. This comes with opportunities as well as risks. In an era of heightened political hostility, how can CEOs optimise their positions as community influencers and market drivers to make positive change and encourage measurable social impact?

                              Steve CaseCEO, Revolution
                              Andrew Ross SorkinColumnist, New York Times, and Founder and Editor, DealBook
                                4:25 pm

                                Closing keynote address: The Future for Inclusive Capitalism

                                Mark CarneyGovernor of the Bank of England
                                  4:55 pm

                                  Closing remarks

                                  Lynn Forester de RothschildChief Executive, The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism
                                    5:00 pm

                                    End of conference