Michael Sommer

Michael Sommer was elected as President of the Confederation of German Trade Unions in May 2002. From March 2003 he was made Deputy Chair of the United Services Union where he was responsible for organisational policy, workers’ participation/workplace policy, innovation and technology policy, recruitment, petition management, industrial dispute management, complaints to management, retired members and the organisation of events. He became a Member of the German Postal Workers’ Union (DPG) in 1971, where he is currently the Deputy Chair and a Member of the DPG National Executive Committee. Prior to this he held a position as Director of HQ Functions and Head of the Department of Executive and Policy Affairs at the DPG National Executive, where in 1982 he was also Head of Press and PR. Previously he held roles such as Secretary of the DPG District Executive in Bremen and a Lecturer at the DPG Training Centre in Gladenbach. In 1979 Mr. Sommer graduated in Politics from the Free University in Berlin.