Inclusive Capitalism supporter: Gatsby

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Gatsby has funded and implemented programmes in Africa since 1985 with the overall objective of creating jobs and improving incomes for the poor. We are now focusing on achieving this through a small number of ambitious sector development programmes across East Africa.

We target high potential sectors where growth could benefit large numbers of poor people and where the pre-conditions for change – such as private sector momentum, political support and local champions – are in place. We partner with governments and key private sector players to identify and tackle the constraints along the whole value chain – field to market – which are holding sectors back.

We mainly work in agricultural sectors due to our long history in African agricultural research and because these often have the greatest impact on the poor – 70-80% of Africa’s population depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.

Outside of these sector programmes we occasionally consider one-off initiatives where we feel we can have influence and impact, working as an incubator of innovative ideas in order to prove principles and encourage others to scale-up interventions. Several such initiatives we are currently supporting are aimed at increasing private sector involvement in the supply of finance and investment to African agriculture.

In all our programmes we take an analytical business approach as an engaged funder, using grants, loans and equity finance to achieve our development objectives.

We also benefit through extensive local networks and experience on the ground, having founded six independent institutions in Africa over the past two decades, all governed, managed and staffed by local people. We are now supporting these institutions to build their capacity in order to help them achieve their ambitions and secure their long-term sustainability.