Inclusive Capitalism supporter: ICE

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Founded by a group of business leaders by the end of the 90s, ICE (Entrepreneurial citizenship Institute) is a non-profit organisation that works in two priority areas: (1) Social Finance and Social Businesses and (2) Local Development.

On Social Finance and Social Businesses, ICE is committed to advancing the social finance ecosystem in Brazil by assisting executives to be leaders in social transformation, inspiring them with social innovation and new ways to make businesses that contemplate financial and social impact.

To support the social finance field, ICE works with partner organisations and academia to study ways to mobilise capital, talent and investments to achieve social and environmental benefits. ICE has a project with the top three business schools in Sao Paulo which has two main goals: 1) disseminate the concepts of social finance among students to change their mindset about profit vs. social impact, and 2) generate materials to be used as teaching tools among universities.

In addition, ICE has organised a Brazilian Social Finance Task Force to map the main challenges that may hinder the progress of this field, and the opportunities to improve this ecosystem. Together with twenty other organisations, the Task Force identified great solutions and produced a material with proposals for actions and researches.

On Local Development, the Institute believes that the communities have the power to transform their own reality and promote their own development, which is why the projects are implemented with a Local Community Development approach.

Every piece of work that ICE carries out is documented, systemised and evaluated so that they can constantly improve their projects, and produce knowledge based on their own experiences and that of their partners to reduce poverty and improve the lives of Brazilian citizens.