Inclusive Capitalism supporter: The Ethical Capitalism Group LLC

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Economic inequality represents a serious threat for America’s pension fund beneficiaries and Main Street savers (which represent at least 55% of the American public) via sub-par investment returns and lower economic growth in the long run (via demand-side economics and lower innovation-driven growth). A return to robust long-term economic growth can only be achieved by moving away from the short-termism that has gripped Wall Street and corporate America, to a long-termist approach (with a focus on re-investing in productivity growth, stronger productive capabilities and innovation, ie workers) and to a model where growth is equitably shared and inclusive. By building an effective, collaborative engagement model, The Ethical Capitalism Group (Wall Street’s first and only social enterprise) enables corporate boards and executive teams across America to put these two core principles back as the driver of corporate stewardship, and enables the active equity institutional investment management community – “the most potent force in corporate America” (Jack Bogle) – to become Main Street’s economic growth champions and to fix economic inequality.